Dr. Simón Pardiñas López returns from his academic stay in New York

View of the Empire State Building in New York CityDr. Pardiñas López finishes his stay as Visiting Scholar in the Bluestone research department of the New York University. During the last four months he was not only involved as a coordinator and collaborator of several clinical studies, but this stay allowed him to advance in his PhD studies that he is currently performing at the University of A Coruña.

During this time, he worked with Dr. Ismael Khouly, principal investigator of the projects and Associate Director of Bluestone Center for Clinical Research and collaborated with the departments of Implantology of NYU together with Dr. Takanori Suzuki and Oral Surgery with Dr. Huzefa Talib.


Dr. Simón Pardiñas López next to Dr. Takanori SuzukiDr. Simón Pardiñas López next to Dr. Ismael KhoulyThis stay has served Dr. Pardiñas López to learn new research methodologies, projects coordination and development of clinical trials with patients.

From the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic we would like to thank the entire team of Bluestone and NYU for the wonderful welcome and treatment received, which has made his stay a real added value to both the professional career and personal training of Dr. Simón Pardiñas López.


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