Online dental price requests - What you should know

It is very common that, through social networks, we are asked about the price of a treatment.  Our response is an invitation to encourage you to undergo a complete review and thus be able to develop the treatment plan that best suits the needs of each patient.

Why don't we talk about dental treatment prices on social media?

The main reason for not giving prices for treatments without performing the rigorous complementary tests and examinations is the need for individualization and personalization of budgets. Let's take a simple example:

A practical case:

Say you have a tooth with a hole where food is retained. Contrary to what it may seem, and we are going on the basis that you don`t have periodontal disease (which would add many more factors to take into account), you may require not only a filling (of which there are several types) after the removal of caries; if it is very deep, it may need a root canal treatment and/or, for structural reasons, to be rehabilitated with an inlay (there are several types), perhaps with a previous elevation of the margin, or even a crown (there are several types).

It is possible that the pulp (commonly called “nerve”) had become necrotic and caused the loss of the periapical bone (adjacent to the root apices), thus needing the surgical removal of the affected apices (apicoectomy).

But it is also possible that the decay has an extension such that the tooth is not restorable and it is necessary to proceed to its extraction. In this case, the possibility of replacing the lost tooth with an implant, abutment and crown (there are several types of each) or with a bridge (there are several types) supported by the adjacent pieces should be considered. It is also possible that there is not enough bone available for the placement of an implant, and in that case the area may need to be regenerated with grafts (indeed, there are also several types of regeneration).

A specific dental treatment for each patient.

Each decision must be made, in addition, taking into account all the factors of each patient (age, medical and dental history, economic and emotional situation, condition of the adjacent teeth, hygienic habits ...).                                   

In short, regardless of the more or less complex that a treatment may end up being, we encourage all patients to visit the clinic where they want to request a quote to know the facilities and the human team of each of them, key part of the whole experience and treatment the patient will receive. Lastly, don't forget the importance of the periodic maintenance and check ups. An excellent treatment will be of little use if you are not regularly cared for.

In our clinic we do not limit ourselves to solving specific dental problems; we attend to the needs of each person, providing treatments in a completely individualized way.

If you want us to prepare a budget for the most appropriate treatment plan for you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to welcome you as a patient of the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic.

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