Cosmetic dentistry

Porcelain veneers and crowns

Porcelain veneers are fine sheets of ceramic material that are bonded to the visible surface of the front teeth.

Crowns are also fine sheets of porcelain that cover the whole of the outside of the tooth, which is previously ground down so that the thickness of the sheets is naturally integrated with the size of the tooth.

They are mainly used for cosmetic reasons (to improve the shape of the tooth, repair cracks, correct intrinsic tooth colour abnormalities, tint), although they can also be used to correct bad tooth positions (mainly the crowns), and therefore improve dental hygiene and preserving your stomatognathic system.

Once cemented in place, the porcelain veneers cannot be removed; if they are removed, they must be replaced with other similar laminate to recover the size of the tooth after it was reduced to fit the first sheet. This means it is an irreversible treatment. Porcelain is a fragile material, so if you are not careful and bite food such as nuts or shellfish, the veneer may crack and have to be replaced.

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