Oral surgery

Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth can be a problem for patients, especially for those who are at the age where they are erupting, usually between 17 and 24 years old.

The wisdom teeth may erupt in a nomal way without giving any symptoms. But in many cases they erupt in a malposition, usually due to a lack of space.

In these cases where the wisdom teeth erupt in a malposition they can cause problems such as Perioconaritis, which is an inflammation and/or infection of the gum covering the tooth, which can cause pain, bad breath, bad taste and in more advanced cases fever. These episodes can be treated with antibiotics but the infection may recur becoming chronic, being the treatment of choice extraction of wisdom teeth.

In other cases, malposition of the wisdom teeth can damage the neighboring teeth, producing them caries, shifts and even ending losing both teeth.

We recommend to early diagnose a possible problem with wisdom teeth, as their removal is easier and with less postoperative complications at early ages when wisdom teeth are not fully formed.

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