Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a non-invasive and relaxing type of massage that promotes lymph to drain out of a part of the body into an area that drains normally.
It is mainly used for lymphoedema and it can be performed within days of surgery. It does not disrupt the tissue around the surgical area.
The unaffected lymph nodes are treated first moving the lymph from proximal to distal to drain the affected areas. It is starts centrally and proximally around the neck and movements are completed, slowly, rhythmically and repetitively using soft pressure. However, sometimes it is necessary to use deeper and firmer movements.
Breathing techniques, limb mobilization and relaxation could be used combined with lymphatic drainage.

Benefits before and after injury

Before Surgery

Receiving treatment prior to a surgery helps to prepare the area to remove cellular waste products, bacteria, viruses, excess proteins, excess fluid and any other unwanted substances from the spaces between your cells; essentially cleaning the tissues.

Though this process happens naturally with receiving treatment can accelerate this process. Furthermore it reduces the risk of complications after surgery such swelling, bruising, infection and les mobility.

On the other hand you will receive a deeply relaxing effect prior to surgery.

After Surgery

After surgery swelling is normal and necessary part of the inflamatory healing process, but in excess can causses pain, risk of infection, scars, adhesions and decrease range of motion.

Therefore, six or more consecutive treatments after surgery has shown to yield the best results, but one or two treatments is still beneficial.

Treatment frequency after surgery will depend on the operation and the patient. Multiple consecutive treatments may be necessary in the first week or so after surgery, with treatments decreasing in frequency over the following weeks.

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