Occupational Therapy

According to WHO, occupational therapy (OT) is "the set of techniques, methods and actions that, through activities applied for therapeutic purposes, prevents and maintains health, favors the restoration of function, replaces invalidating deficits and evaluates the behavioral assumptions and their deep significance to achieve the greatest possible independence and reinsertion of the individual in all its aspects: work, mental, physical and social ".

The primary objective is that the patient acquires maximum functionality independently, whether physical, cognitive and / or behavioral by performing some significant activity for the person.

Among the areas of action of occupational therapy we can find:

  • Assessment of the capabilities and limitations of the person.
  • Prevention of physical-functional and cognitive disabilities.
  • Assessment and treatment of sensory, cognitive, superior, social and psychological capacities.
  • Development of objectives and evaluation of individualized and significant treatment programs.
  • Training and reeducation in the activities of daily life.
  • Training in the use of technical aids always, compensating their limitations.
  • Confection, realization and prescription orthosis and technical aids, as well as the training of the person in its use.
  • Adaptation of the environment and development of programs to eliminate architectural barriers, as well as advice to families, users and professionals from other specialties.
  • Evaluation of means of transport and their possible adaptations.
  • Training of the individual to achieve the highest degree of social-labor reintegration possible as an active member within their community.
  • Help the individual readjust their daily habits.
  • Reinsertion of the person in their daily life and in their environment in the best possible conditions.

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