Belén López López

Belén López López: Physiotherapist

Diploma in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Alfonso X El Sabio University (2004-2008)

PhD in Health Sciences - Neurorehabilitation

University of La Coruña (2012-present)

Official Master in Neurological Pathology

Actions in physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Rey Juan Carlos University (2009-2012)

Activity Based Therapy, Walk On

University of Sydney (2015)

Further training

Activity based Therapy, Neuroex, California 2019.

Critical patient care-ICU, C.H.U.A.C. A Coruña, 2019.

Hand hygiene, C.H.U.A.C. A Coruña, 2019.

Locomotor Training, Neurorecovery Learning, 2018.

Temporomandibular dysfunction, Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic, A Coruña, 2018.

ATM physiotherapeutic approach, March Saúde Lugo, 2016.

DNHS practical theoretical course, Helios Electromedicina Madrid, 2014.

Normal movement “Introduction to the Bobath concept”, March Saúde Lugo 2013.

Neuromeningeal mobilization and pain, UDC 2012.

Fibrolysis with hooks, ITNM, Vigo 2012.

"Rehabilitation of the patient with vascular pathology", Ministry of Labor and Welfare-Xunta de Galicia, 2010.

“Personal Best”, Sanitas Residencial - Training Forum 2010.

Dotte-patient mobilization method, Training Forum, Madrid 2009.

Rehabilitation techniques for geriatric patients, Training Forum, Madrid 2009.

Binding Course adapted to people with Psychic and Physical deficiency Codex, Coruña 2007

“Tapping” neuromuscular bandage course, Atenea, Madrid, 2007

Aquatic-terrestrial lifeguard course, Cruz Roja Coruña 2006

Course "Quality in Occupational Therapy", UDC, 2005.

First Aid Course, Red Cross Coruña 50 h - July ´05

Course "Clinical Practice in Occupational Therapy", UDC, 20 h - October ´04

Hand painted paper course applied in Occupational Therapy, Codex, A Coruña, ´04

Assistance to various international and state conferences and conferences of ASPAYM, SGXX, APETO, AFACO, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatology, Neurological Physiotherapy in adapted sports (2005-2014)


“Estudio de evaluación de las características de seguridad en el hogar de las Personas Mayores de 65 años”, colaboradora APETO, Noviembre 2013.

“Atención especializada a personas con demencia”, colaboradora, XXV congreso de Gerontología y Geriatría, Mayo 2013.

Póster laboral “Independencia en personas con demencia”, Sanitas, XV Jornadas AFACO junio´10-UDC.

Tratamiento miofascial para el dolor de rodilla en pacientes con osteocondritis disecante del cóndilo femoral interno.

Dep. legal: C-2313-2009, ISBN – 13: 978-84-692-4986-4

Células madre en la recuperación de la marcha de la lesión medular traumática.

Dep. Legal: C-2314-2009 ISBN-13: 978-84-692-4987-1


V Congress Dementia Champion, Sanitas Residencial, Barcelona June 3 and 4, 2014.

Speaker “Specific training programs in the residential field” II Edition Continuing Education Plan in Dementias, AFACO, A Coruña March 13, 2014

Winner and speaker 1st prize "Regenegenesis as care centered on the person with dementia", XIV State Conference on Occupational Therapy, Madrid, 24-26 October 2013.

Presentation of communications and posters at International Congresses of Gerontology and Geriatrics and AFACO (2010-present).

Teaching of various courses for health personnel. (2010-2012)

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